Sustainability is a journey not a destination

Hi, I'm Maggie and welcome to my blog.  I'm an artist, a soapy and Eco savvy.  this blog is my creative space to keep up with what is going on in my life.  I like to blog about my art, soap making, recipes, sewing, how to live a sustainable life and what I'm most grateful for in my week.

Here's a little bit more about me...

God held me in the palm of his hands as he guided me through some health challenges that  eventually led me to live in a  more Eco-friendly lifestyle by removing toxins in my home, food and personal health care products.   I share with you my personal journey and  information which helped me to become  more Eco savvy.

Through my business I serve you as your go to person for all of your Eco home decor, art, accessories and your purveyor of choice for all of your body and bath products.   I use non-toxic sustainable materials and organic ingredients in everything I create.  I offer many design options which will enhance your health and lifestyle.  I look for creative ways to use re-purposed materials and up-cycling furniture is one wonderful option of conservation, giving each piece(s) a new beginning is a great way to help our Planet. 

Dents and dings are left intentionally since I'm not creating or producing new furniture rather I'm giving an old piece new life and sentiment to items that may be part of an existing collection or that has been passed on to you.  

My Soap collection is made with only the very best ingredients that when handcrafted in the right way makes for wonderful soaps and body essentials that you can trust on your skin and your family. 

Taking this approach of working and creating in a sustainable manner is the best approach for my clients and me.  

Call or email me if you would like to learn more about ordering custom work and soap products.   If you would like to contribute to this blog on topics on green art, green decor, green ways of staying healthy I would love to have you as a featured guest blogger. 

Phone: 770-320-9429