Thursday, July 17, 2014


                                           ( Image Source: Maggie Miller Artist + SoapMaker)

  1. 1.
    relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.
    "change unleashes people's creative energy"
  1. 1.
    a person who is creative, typically in a professional context.


God blessed me with creativity, he blessed us all with it

all we have to do is be open to the creative process
it comes in many forms

I feel blessed that I have different outlets for my creativity 
My passions are my painting where I can express myself visually and pour out my feelings and bring a smile and encouragment to the viewer

(Image Source: Maggie

Soapmaking affords me a way to share my love of using natural ingredients creating something that will benefit those I serve with what I create and make them feel wonderful.

                                                                      (Image Source:

I'm always in a state of gratitude, being creative in so many ways allows me to decompress from a stressful day, staying young at heart and most importantly to serve others with the talents God has blessed me with.

I hope you find the time to put on your creative hat on and pick up a paint brush to create a masterpiece or pen to jot down your thoughts for your novel, or create a gourment meal. 

what ever you do I hope you enjoy your creative journey and be blessed by it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ode To A Sunflower

(Image Source: Maggie Miller,

I love all kinds of flowers, they  stir up a different emotion for me; the colors, texture and their scent.  Some are quiet pleasant, while others make me walk away, but the sunflower stirs my soul.   It has been adopted as a symbol of happiness, strength, and because it tends to turn its face to the sun it is considered by some as a symbol of faith.

I’m always amazed at how tall they can get and how big the actual flower head can grow.  I love to eat sunflower seeds, to paint them and most recently I have been growing them, I planted about 20 seeds this April and slowly, but surely they have been growing and it’s been so exciting to see them bloom this past week.  

(Image Source: Maggie Miller Artist + Soapmaker)

(Image Source: Maggie Miller Artist + Soapmaker)

So I’m hooked and I plan on planting more next spring all over my back and front yard and see how tall they will grow.

(Image Source: Maggie Miller Artist + Soapmaker)

I plan on going to the farmers market and sell some and make some arrangements and surprise my neighbor with what I have growing in my yard now.

It’s always a great feeling to cheer someone up.  You see my neighbor is in her late 80’s and is a breast cancer patient, she has gone through a great deal this year and she is a fighter a very strong women.  The sunflower is the perfect flower to surprise her with and I believe represents her strength and determination to fight it.  I love her dearly.

What is your favorite flower?  Have you planted anything this season, I would love to hear about it here.  

The Sunflowers gleamed
in the noon day sun
their flourish of color
couldn't be out done

the sparrows flitted
above their ravishing visages
they were enchanted
by their dazzling mirages

By: Elizabeth Squires 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


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Yes I want to release 


This anxiety that overcomes me when I start to feel

the physical signs of 

Pain coming back

The worry about having to see 

another Doctor

Oh No

yet another  co-pay


what if I need another MRI?

yet another


Have I met my deductible?

Is this new treatment really going to help me?

Will I 


Finally feel relief from this


I had a conversation with Pain yesterday

I was trying to negotiate,

Like if

It really was going to cooperate with me. 

I have to break  this worry pattern

the constant fight with my body

this leg 

darn this leg

I feel like I'm walking like a pirate,

You know

The wooden leg syndrome,  argh!!!!

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Why won't my leg cooperate with me,

I'm going in a circle with my thoughts,

the pain,



I found this prayer litteraly just a few minutes ago,

Prayer Of Release


It hit me,

it soothed my soul

Yes God is listening to all of my cares 



He led me to this post


Release and let go


A gentle 

LOVING Reminder

That God is listening to my prayer

This prayer expresses all that my 

Mind and Body 

Are thinking and going through in this 

Season of my life

Yes I will pray this prayer

I will pray it out loud,

In silence

I will pray 

So that I might find peace.

Yes Peace.

                                                 (Image source:

Monday, July 7, 2014


                                            (Image Source: healthscience

Hello pain how are you doing today I ask  sarcastically,

Are you going to go easy on me…


Are you going to go

Full throttle instead?

You have been with me for quite some time

In various ways………..

Emotional pain for a time


                   As of late

It’s been all physical

You toy with me

 You tease me

With sweet moments of not having you around


yes pain free how sweet the thought of it;

Enjoying long wonderful walks

And doing all that I love to do without you around.

And then……..

Like a thief in the night

(Image Source:

You take it all away from me

and I find myself clothed in you again,

But it's ok

The more you keep inflicting on me the more I continue to go to God and seek his comfort and refuge.

I delight in the knowing that he will not give me more than I can bare and that my loving father equips 
me with his word for

When you inflict my body with more of what you are
I count my blessings
And remember
All that I’m grateful for
Yes my health
I’m still healthy when I remind myself that there are many
Struggling with a more difficult health challenge than my own.
Bring it on Pain,
I know it won’t last forever
God promised me that!
I will continue to
In the
For he will
Me the desires of my heart.
Psalm 37:4