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 It has been a while since I posted anything if you read my current post you will have caught up.  My gratitude is for life itself to be here.  I have lost my grandma and it seems it has been a season of great loss not just in my family, but my friends and church family.  All this loss continues to keep me in the present that we are not guaranteed tomorrow nor the next 5 mints for that matter.  So I stay in gratitude for my family for the now for every breath I take.

I have been meditating on a scripture found in the book of Joshua 1:9  Do not be discouraged for the lord your God is with you wherever you go.  I was feeling discouraged, sorry for myself and worried for my daughter.  But God finds a way of getting his message across through scripture and those around you in his perfect timing.

As I count the days to my daughters surgery I find peace in knowing that God is with me and my family and I feel assured that he has taken care of the outcome and all will be well with my daughter.

I'm grateful that I can always go to scripture to find comfort, wisdom, encouragement and affirmations to help me with my family and business. So I choose to trust and obey God because his way is so much better than mine.

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