Friday, February 25, 2011

DIY Painting Tile Tutorial

Oasis Gold Natural Tumbled Stone

Standard white Ceramic Tile

I have been busy preparing for a tile mural and thought it would be great to share the process with you and walk you through it in case you wanted to try it for yourself at home.

Traditionally decorative tiles for back splashes are painted with baked on enamel paints, or fired in a kiln.  I at present don’t do either.  As an Eco Artist I prefer to stay away from toxic paints and conserve power as much as possible. 

I use non-toxic acrylics and patio paints and I use several kinds of sealers that are non-toxic and also work with tile products used for the installation process.

I work with 4x6, 6x6, 8x8 and larger size tiles depending on the job or commission I'm working on for a client.  I use natural stones here are a few I hand paint on:
  • Tumbled Botticine Marble
  • Travertine
  • Chiaro
  • Gold
  • Slate
  • Standard Ceramic Tile
 I use new and recycled tile, most recycled tile I usually can get from contract sites or left over tiles from a completed job.  Flea markets are my best sources for finding tile that would other wise be discarded I have a lot fun hunting these out at yard sales and flea markets. 

For this tile project that I will be painting I will be using standard glazed white tile that you can purchase at any home improvement store.  I’m still working out of a large bin of recycled tile I purchased at a flea market; most of the tile is in great condition.  The sizes of the tile I will be working with are 4x4. These tiles have a glaze to them which will need to be removed.

I will be using a total of 9 4x4 standard white glazed tiles if you can find them unglazed that is great if not you will need to purchase a bottle of Armour Etch glass etching Cream that you can purchase at Hobby Lobby or Michaels Craft Store a 10 oz bottle of this product will do. You will need gloves for this.  This will be the only semi toxic part of the process in prepping the tile to receive any kind of paint.

The finished tile mural will measure 13x13.  I will be installing my mural unto plywood and than hung on the wall but it can be installed unto your wall as any standard tile would.

In my next blog entry I will walk you through the process of prepping your tile, picking your design, placing it on your tile and painting as well as a  list of paints, brushes, how to seal your mural everything that you will need to start and finish your project. 


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  1. Cool post. On my list of fun art projects to do this summer. Looking forward to reading more about the process.