Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Painting of Tile Mural Tutorial Part 4

Adding of first colors
Fully blocked with all colors  

It has been rather busy with  commission orders that have come in, the phone keeps ringing with commission request and that is always a wonderful thing.

Have been able to get back to painting the tile mural today. It is raining and weather is not cooperating so I use a blow drier to dry the tiles in between colors to remove moisture since there is a lot of moisture in the air.   I have selected some colors to work with; my palette continues to change as I go through my process of painting I may add or delete a color or two.

For my background I have painted a combination of blues, turquoise and white and have intermixed them on the tile so that I have a combination of all of these colors through out the tile surface.  I randomly paint all the colors on the tile. 

Now that it is dry, I proceed to rough sketch the design of a nest, foliage and a bird to the far left hand side of tile flying away which you may not be able to see right now but she is there.  I have roughly sketched one egg in the nest this represent one child, my own.
Design sketched on tile under copyright
 I have now taken some medium yellow and white paint I will make a lighter shade of yellow with the white to use later.  This painting will be a very loose style painting.  I have no intentions of making a tight painting, meaning it will not have controlled strokes with the brush.

I have blocked some yellow and light yellows to represent sunlight a new day, a new chapter in my daughter’s life.   I have now blocked in the foliage of the design along with the nest and egg. From here on out I will continue to build up color slowly because I want the layers of all the colors to show through and have a dimensional effect once I’m done.  I’m also working with the temperature from outside and inside the house and I want to make sure that the paint adheres correctly unto my tile.
Design blocked in with paint
So while this is drying, I will start working on a commission piece for which I have been hired to do for the next few hours and tonight will get back to the tile mural and finish the blocking of colors and painting the bird in flight.   I also have my plywood, which I had cut to the measurement of my finished tile mural ready on the side for installation.

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