Monday, July 30, 2012

What To Look For when Purchasing Eco-Friendly Furniture

(Image Source Maggie Miller Hand Painted- 
 Painted recycled and up-cycled chair old can be made new again)

(Image Source Maggie Miller Hand Painted- 
 Painted detail of Tickle Pink paisley chair)

When purchasing furniture I always advocate buying older pieces of furniture and giving it a fresh look with paint.  However there are those who just prefer buying new.  There are many wonderful options now available that are Eco–friendly.  Here are some tips for buying old and new and the verbiage commonly used and what to look out for.  

When purchasing Wood Products

Reclaimed, recycled, Up cycled. This is my first choice always when creating my hand painted furniture pieces and you can do the same by reclaiming some of your older pieces at home and giving them a new look or being conscious when shopping for furniture, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure  and you can contribute to the planet and saving a tree. 
Renewable if you prefer purchasing new furniture than you should be shopping for pieces made out of bamboo and beech these species of wood can replenish themselves at a rapid rate. I use fabrics made from bamboo and hemp and are wonderful for making pillows as well.

Locally produced should always be our first consideration because it took less energy to make the item and created less pollution when transporting it to you.  Buy local whenever possible fewer trucks on our roads mean less pollution in your local state.
Types of finishes and adhesives used on your purchased products and home

Low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) can guarantee that the furniture you have purchased, the paints you use on your walls are not emitting harmful gases. Water-based products have low VOCs, such as chalk paints, milk paints, non-toxic acrylics paints which are always my first choices. You really need to read the labels on the paint products you buy as well as varnishes. 

No Formaldehyde - This toxin should not found in the product’s main material structure that you purchase, adhesives or finish.  Many industries use MDF because of its low cost factor but its main ingredient is formaldehyde and not the best material source to use.    

FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) means the trees come from responsibly managed forests. I paint boxes and when I purchase new boxes for my art I always buy from a source that carries this label.  I also use boxes made from hemp seed fiber and paper mache and always look for boxes at flea markets and yard sales. 

Have a piece of furniture that needs a new look and you want it done right than don't hesitate to give me a call for your hand painted furniture needs. There is a real person on the other side of the phone ME :) waiting to talk art and decor with you. Contact me a 770-320-9429 or 1-866-321-0498 and go to the link provided to learn about how to commission a piece at: 

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