Monday, November 12, 2012


(Photo Source: Maggie Miller Hand Painted.  Nan Jenkins on the right Maggie Miller on the left)

Since my last post many have been affected by hurricane Sandy.  I'm originally from Hoboken N.J. and have many friends and family there as well as through out N.J. and CT. I like so many have been worried about my loved ones and thankfully everyone so far are safe and some still trying to find a new place to live.

I hope that you my readers have weathered this storm safely in the affected areas. My husband was shipped out for a week to NY to help out in the airport and now is safely back home.  Now that things are getting back to some normalcy, I have finished all the items to be delivered to A Friends House for their charity gala event on November 30th.  I delivered the painted chair titled the "Loving Nest" and my hand crafted artisan soap I made through my other company Maggie Miller Soap Artisan.  It was such a pleasure to meet Nan Jenkins, a very warm and caring person.

I'm looking forward to getting more involved with this organization and volunteering my time along with my daughter and working with the children creating art work in the coming new year. 

(Photo Source: A Friends

Above is the invitation again for their event and you can contact Nan Jenkins at 678-432-1630 if you would like tickets to the event or would like more information on what you can do to help or volunteer. You can also visit  
and their facebook page

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