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Hi everyone wishing our country a Happy Birthday and Happy 4th to all of you. It is a rainy 4th for us here in GA the hubby is working and my  daughter will be off to work in a few hours so our 4th this year will be different.  We will be enjoying it together when everyone is home and enjoying watching the fire works on TV.

Many of you are celebrating it out doors with picnics, barbecue or going to the beach. But have you thought about ways to go Eco friendly during your celebrations.  Here are a few ideas on how to enjoy your fourth the Eco Sustainable way.

1.  Consider all the paper plates and plastic utensils that you plan on using.   Replace them with sustainable or even biodegradable plates and utensils. There are so many new options out there that can be used to help our planet and that are easy to recycle after they have been used.

2. The same idea applies here for your cups, glasses or tumblers there are many that have the fourth of July theme and these can be used again for next year and you do have the option as with the plates and utensils to buy biodegradable cups as well.

3. Have you considered what you are going to  cover your table with, organic fabric is a great option it can be washed and put away for another occasion or you can use tablecloths that are also Eco friendly and biodegradable.

4.  Many people like to buy fireworks but did you know that these are made with metallic materials that are harmful to our environment as well as they are illegal in many states.  Think about you physical safety and the environment.  Enjoy going to an event where there are fireworks display or watch it on TV with your guest. 

5.  What kind of food are you preparing for your Fourth, we can all tend to indulge so its important that you thinks about healthy eating.   I unfortunately can't eat hot dogs and burgers because of my gluten allergies, but I do buy meat that is organically  and locally grown, that is gluten free.  I have several spreads of fruits, veggetables, gluten free hot dog buns and hamburger buns for my nitrate free hot dogs. 

There are so many ways to enjoy this Fourth of July in an eco and sustainable manner without scarifying on having a good time and still celebrate the birth of our country.  Why not consider respecting it more by taking care of it in a sustainable manner for the next generation to come.  Below are useful links for products that are sustainable and biodegradable. 

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Eco Sources:
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