Monday, July 8, 2013

Sustainable Furniture Solutions

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I was looking at my bedroom furniture the other day and realized that I have owned it for over 21 years and that it was actually an older bedroom set that we had purchased at a yard sale.  It is made out of sturdy southern Yellow Pine.  The pieces are still functional durable and all I need to do is give them a new look with a fresh coat of pain, decorative painted accents and some new knobs and hinges.

If you are thinking about buying new furniture for your bedroom or any other room consider buying wood furniture from a renewable source  Yellow Southern Pine would be a great alternative.

Southern Pine is a very strong, renewable and a beautiful wood species.  You can purchase it unpainted and with some wonderful options of Eco-friendly paints and stains that are available you can venture into creating your own custom hand painted pieces that can be passed on. If you are not inclined to paint you can always hire someone to paint it for you or purchasing already finished wood furniture.

There are other sources for Eco-friendly furniture which are made from a variety renewable and sustainable materials and can be found at  very reasonable prices and you don’t have to sacrifice style either.

Think about the many options available to you when you are considering making a new purchase for furniture:

*  Can you re-purpose, up-cycle what you already have with some Eco-friendly paint and some new knobs or hinges.

* Think about the various options of renewable and sustainable materials like southern yellow pine, bamboo and other wood species that are sturdy and fast growing. 

    * Look at other renewable and sustainable materials that are being used now for furniture and accessories by      doing some internet research and looking in your local area.

    * Consider all the benefits of going green like less waste, avoiding fumes and gases that are released from your furniture when it is not made from Eco resources such as fabrics that are made from synthetics rather than organic. Toxic paints and stains which do cause lung and breathing problems and skin allergies. 

I have included some links to some furniture resources to give you an idea of what is out there and hopefully to get you started on thinking Eco, Sustainable and the many benefits of going green.  

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