Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hello and Welcome

So here I go getting my feet wet and blogging for the first time.  I'm Maggie, first a mom to a wonderful 17-year-old daughter a senior in high school.   A beautiful soul with whom I share many a conversation, dreams, a love of creating, painting, taking pictures, watching girly movies, and our favorite thing to do cuddle, talk and pray and give thanks for all we have. As I write my first blog she is right here with me, creating away and giving me her support.

My goal with this blog is to share with everyone and anyone my love of painting, creating, connecting with those who are moved by things that make our hearts skip when they see something so inspiring they just know it has to be painted on canvas, watercolor paper or some kind of object and shared with the world!  But my next goal would be is to share the importance of being eco-friendly.

I create functional and decorative art  I  take the eco-friendly approach to my painting with the use of paints, sealers, varnishes that are both safe for our environment and our health.  Individuals with auto immune problems such as myself, along with so many who suffer from countless allergy and asthma problems have to be careful with everything we buy to furnish our homes with to the cleaners we use and linens on our beds.  Most people don't realize or know that our furniture, textiles that are purchased for our homes have chemicals, lacquers and varnishes that omit gases and toxins into the air and on our skin.

So I hope to share with you the different things I do in my painting process and in my home that has helped me in my very long journey with my own health problems.   A journey that is still very much in progress, but through the many changes I have made for myself and my family and continual research and trial and error, I have managed to come out of a deep fog of much pain and uncertainty and return to my love of painting. 

So won't you join me in my corner of the world where art doesn't just have to hang on the wall.  It can be Decorative, Functional, Beautiful and Healthy for you as well!

Best Wishes,


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