Thursday, November 11, 2010

A book is like a garden chair has arrived to its new home

Hi Maggie!  We are all loving our new chair.  As you can see, our library is small but well-used and well-loved.  The chair fits in so perfectly and is a huge improvement over my old ugly plastic reading chair!  You've made Barbara Bohannon's family very, very happy.  Many best wishes to you and many, many thanks again

I’m excited about the commissioned piece that arrived safely in IL.  My client sent me an email letting me know it arrived safely.  Above is a picture my client sent of the chair in it’s new home at the McKinley School in Ottawa IL.

I'm always happy that my commissioned pieces arrive safely, but most importantly that I have once again been able to capture what my client wanted a treasured heirloom to be enjoyed for years to come.

Here is a full view of completed chair after 4 coats of non-toxic water based sealer I go another step and hand rub it with a natural milk wax. After this coat dries and hardens it gives the chair an added layer of protection and luster.

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