Friday, November 12, 2010

Painted Tile

Tiles ready to be shipped to N.J.
I have finished painting several tiles as coasters, I have shipped this set you see out to New Jersey and another set of abstract flowers has been sold here in McDonough GA.  I'm sticking to my eco-friendliness; I'm using acrylic paints and non-toxic sealers on these standard tiles you can find at any home improvement store.  I have painted these tiles to be used as coasters, they can also be used just has decorative tile on an easel but can also be used for your back splash.  They would need to be varnished several more times and cured longer before using for that kind of application.

I'm also busy priming boxes, and heavy canvas for tapestries.  I will be painting nature scenes of birds and butterflies on the tapestries. The boxes I have primed will be painted with butterflies that I took pictures of this summer.  I had an abundance of swallowtail this year in my yard they were just so beautiful to look at.  I was so happy they posed long enough for me to take pictures of them.     I will be posting those in the next few days. 
Painted with acrylics & sealed with non-toxic sealers
 I also plan on doing fine paintings on canvas as well from the photos I took which have been several from my local botanical garden and Callaway Garden which is a butterfly garden here in GA.  I have a lot of sorting to do with the pictures and decisions to make about backgrounds,perspective etc., my goal is to publish a calendar and new set of note cards with the  pictures I took and paintings I'm currently working on from them.
A happy customer in McDonough, GA has a set of six abstract flowers coaster tiles

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