Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Painting And Sharing

I'm continuing to keep myself busy painting these days and trying to get ready for the holidays.  I'm still working on tapestries and finishing up details on some boxes.  I like to get started on painting some new floor cloth designs and part of my multitasking will be getting my fabrics ready as well for hand painting the actual yardages of muslin and specific design work on fabric panels which will be used for pillows.  I also have a few project goals like the tile mural panels still in rough draft form in my head that I still need to sketch out one of a few new projects I’m excited to get started on for 2011.

Everything I paint has a different aspect to them from design to how will it be used; will it be more decorative or will it serve a more functional purpose in my clients space and there is always the Eco safety factor to everything I create which leads me to share this site with you today.  Livingecho is a great site filled with articles, information and products that are eco-friendly for your home and office.  Remember protecting the environment does not have to be boring or challenging, decorating in an eco-friendly way doesn't have to be either.  Artist like myself strive to create art to fill our soul and need to create, it is like drinking water, we can't live without it, but we also want and desire to create something that is both beautiful decorative, functional and yes eco-friendly for you as well.  I create with all of this in mind.

Until next time Happy Painting and Best Wishes

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