Friday, December 3, 2010

Tile Work And My Eco-Friendly Process

Tile ready for first coat of varnish
There are many methods to preparing and painting tile.  I use various methods including using an electric kiln but I avoid doing so whenever possible unless a customer just has to have their tile painted and fired in that way. 

To conserve energy and avoid toxic hazards to myself due to my immune problems, I prepare and paint my tiles with eco-friendly paints and varnishes.  I use acrylic paints as well as glazes that do not have high toxic ratio that I can work with in my home studio. I don’t breath anything that is harmful to me.  With acrylic paints I don’t have to use a Kiln. I also use thermo-heated glazes that require 30 minute heating time in a small oven.

My tiles that are painted using acrylic paints can still be used for your backsplash in kitchens and bathrooms.  After several coats of sealers of two different sealants and curing time these tile are than ready to go. You treat them just like you would glass tile. Protect the design with wax paper, adhere to your surface, set, clean, let dry and you are done.

Painted with thermo heated glazes not toxic
I have painted the tile you see here with acrylic paints and varnished them as described.  I added natural cork to the backs and these tiles are used as tile coasters.  These are standard 4x4.   I have recycled these tiles from a yard sale two huge bins from an unfinished job.  These were ready to be thrown out! What a crime I say!!!  Here I put them to good use.  I plan on painting more tile coasters and will also be painting some tile murals that will be retailed in my shop and I have a project for a mural tile for my own kitchen.
Ready for natural cork backings

Ready to go into someones home

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