Thursday, January 6, 2011

Creative Mess

Messy but creative

 My studio is over a large room above the garage.  I dream of one day having a much larger space to spread out and have all kinds of dedicated spaces, but I have managed to make my space work for me.  I have an area where I do my business you know blogging, emailing, work on my ETSY shop etc.

I do all my sewing in this room, painting and sketching most of the time.  I share this space with my daughter who is also very creative and talented.

As an Eco-Friendly artist I recycle and up cycle just about everything I can to use in my art work and to store things in so it’s been a challenge lately trying to keep it sorted out.

I think I will enter that new HGTV show you've been HGTV'D and see if I luck out and get a spot on there and have a feature designer redo my art studio.  Now that would make my year.

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