Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fabrics and more fabrics

Creative process at its best

My love of fabrics goes back to seeing my grandmother sew as a young child. She would bring home so many different kinds of fabrics.  I loved going to New York on weekends with my grandma and shop for the latest fabric trends, buttons another love I have especially handmade buttons.

I use a great deal of fabric in my business for creating pillows, yardages of hand painted fabrics, duvet covers, pillow cases and currently working on a bedding collection.  I only use organic fabrics for many reason, my personal health issues, allergies, the importance to me of using only Eco-Friendly Sustainable Materials.  I’m always on the hunt for vintage cotton fabrics that I can incorporate into my designs.

cottons,hemp,linens,silks to be washed and sorted

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