Friday, April 1, 2011

Eco Paint Critique

lifesaver chair painted with flavorful colors
It is important for me as an Eco Artist to continue on my search for paints that are eco-friendly for my home and clients since the items they purchase from me are either going to their homes or office spaces.

I came across this company Devine Color I purchased some samples of the paints for testing and  see if I could also use these on my painted chairs as well.  I like variety but it always needs to be eco-friendly.

I love this product; just like the description the paints apply like yogurt but has the look of chiffon.  The creator of the Devine Color Line Gretchen Schauffler has a beautiful collection of colors to choose from.   You may want to pay the her site a visit and learn more about her product and see if it is something that will work for you if you are looking for other paint alternatives.

There is another company I will be purchasing some samples from to test I will share those results as well.

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