Friday, April 29, 2011

The Gift Of Art

( Photo: Congratulations! to Susan Able who won the box at the MDA Charity Event.)

It has been a very busy few weeks, traveling to Savannah Georgia for a much-needed mini vacation, college registration for my daughter and finding my muse again to tackle client orders before graduation.

The MDA charity event for which I donated the box above, which I shared with you earlier in the month, was this past Tuesday.  I received a call after the event from Susan Able who was the winner of the box.  She shared with me she was having a bad day not feeling so great because she felt she didn't raise enough money for the MDA kids.  Her daughter with all of her wisdom as most wonderful children poses said to her "Mom the money you raised is money they didn't have before" she later came out with her own little piggy bank and gave it to her so that she could use that money towards the MDA fundraiser.  Still not feeling so great to her surprise she was the winner of my hand Painted box.  She told me she had never seen such a beautiful box and that it would be well taken care of.  She would be surprising her daughter with it.  It was a double blessing for me, I have been coping with a lot of pain this week, trying to stay positive and trying to work on a client’s piece, a vintage high chair, which is being upcycled as an heirloom piece.  My client is expecting a bundle of joy in a few months.  So after a bad night myself Susan’s call came in.  It did my heart and soul good to know that my work touched someone when they needed it most.  That is what the gift of art is all about. For those of us who are creative, painters, writers, entertainers, we just don’t do it for the money though that helps us provide for our families in this economy, we do it for the love of creating and sharing it with family, friends and provide creations for others to share with their family and friends as well.   On the vintage high chair I had great energy today and was able to get a lot accomplished I will be done with it next week and my client is going to be so happy with the end results.   

My Eco factor:  box made from reclaimed wood, acrylic paints, non toxic varnish, eco felt for bottom of box for protection on surfaces, decorative paper and cotton for inside of box lining used and the bling Swarovksi crystals when the sun shines upon it cast such beautiful sparkle. To Susan Able and her daughter, I'm so happy you won the box may you have years of enjoyment to keep your treasure in.


  1. What a lovely box, and it seems that the timing was just perfect! :)

  2. Thank you that box sparkled so beautifully, and yes I love when things work out the way they are meant to. It sure gave me the energy to continue working on my clients high chair.

  3. It's beautiful to see how art can uplift the spirit for both the creator and the recipient.

    I look forward to seeing pics of the high chair.

  4. Thank you. I was so happy and moved on how it touched the winner. As for the high chair, I'm in the middle of giving it the second coat of varnish before the last step of natural wax application. The client has seen preview pics. they are so tickled with the outcome. I had fun working on this commission. Thank you for stopping by and following.

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