Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Fresh New Look

(Photo: Of new store page on site)

Hi everyone, here in Ga the month of August starts a new school year.  Here at Maggie Miller Hand Painted it marks a new look for my website and blog.   I have been busy not only creating but getting trained as a Dewey Color Coordinator through the Dewey Color System and I have been working with my friend and website creator Vanessa Potts on a new look for my website.  Because of the growth that my business is experiencing and as my green sustainable product line continues to grow I needed to expand and streamline things a bit.  My site now includes a store for easy shopping, everything you need to know on how I create, from commissioning artwork to any current news on what I'm doing with charities, my community and trainings and certifications that pertain to my area of expertise and industry to better serve my clients.

I hope you visit the new site and store.  Starting today August 17 through August 31, 2011 you will receive 10% off the retail price.  You will see the discount taken off upon checkout. There will be give-aways from time to time, free shipping offers and contest in the months to come.

There is a lot of information on going green from resources, products, and ways to go green that can be overwhelming to those considering going green.  As I was going through my transition myself because of my health problems it was very overwhelming; So I created files for myself on all things green, which helped me and I'm sharing it with you.   I do a lot of business with green sustainable companies, recycling and always on the look out for new and cost saving ways to do so.  So on my blog I have added several new tabs which you can click on to access information on Green Tips on Recycling, Green Resources, Decorating Green what to look for on product labels when you are decorating for your home. I'm always researching companies that are sustainable and offer a great product.  There is a tab for Green in Atlanta as well since I'm from GA I thought this would help my readers in my area to have a quick tab to click on and find valid resources.  These will continue to grow as I find new resources and update those already listed to ensure that they are accurate.

If you have any great tips for recycling or how to reuse 
plastic,glass and other items in an artistic 
way I would love to hear from you and share it on the blog. 

If you are a Green Company that would like to share your
information on my blog, especially 
if it helps the artist in creating art in a Sustainable 
non-toxic way please send me a message and include
your website and contact information and state 
where your business is located. 
I would love to do a feature on your Green
and Sustainable business. What it means to 
you on a personal and business level to be green.

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