Saturday, December 10, 2011

Art From A SCAD Student Perspective

I have the honor and privilege to have a wonderful daughter  Kaitlyn Marie Miller (Katie at home and sweetie pie), who is also a first year college student at SCAD Savannah College Of Art And Design.  She has been working very hard in her studies at SCAD She made the Dean's list in her first quarter.  Don't you know what a proud mom I am :)

I wanted to know what her perspective was of  art.  So I posed just a few questions.  Here is the interview. Her answers are in pink her favorite color her creative input to the interview.

1.  Katie what inspired you to create art?  A lot of my inspiration came from growing up around an artist.  Seeing my mom paint and be creative all the time definitely influenced my urge to create as well.  I had different creative interests growing up, so I knew that i wanted to have a career connected to art in some way. 

2.  You know that there are many out there in society who don't particularly believe that art is relevant, but art is really everywhere and everything we purchase and use. A creative mind was behind the designing process in order for it to be produced and on the shelves ready for consumers to purchase.  What are your thoughts about art not being relevant and to those who say it is a waste of time and should not be considered as a career path?  I think that art really is everywhere and everything.  I feel that everyone is entitled to their opinion about art and its importance but being an artist is just as much a career as being a doctor or lawyer.  If it weren't for art, there wouldn't be any Apple computers or iPhones, or any other technology that people enjoy.  There would be no advertisement for these products either because we need graphic designers to create branding and logos for the world's inventions.  It all comes down to pursuing a career in what you love to do.

3. You are in your first year of college at Savannah College Of Art And Design (SCAD) and have completed your first quarter, how do you feel about your experience so far as a first year student at such an exciting creative school?  The experience during my first quarter at SCAD was amazing!  I have learned so much already.  Being surrounded by creative and talented people is so refreshing and inspiring.  I love being around people with common interests and passion for art.  It was a real change from high school, but one that I am enjoying.  The work load was huge, but I honestly loved having most of my time be taken up by art projects!

4. What would you tell high school seniors who are thinking about getting into the creative arts in  such a difficult economy and who maybe afraid to pursue their true passion? For Students thinking about pursuing the arts in a tough economy, my best advice would be to not be afraid. As long as you are passionate about what you do and are wiling to go above and beyond what is required of you, you will be successful.  Dedication and persistence is key.  It most likely wont always be easy or handed to you, but if you're willing to get through the rough patches to reach you ultimate goal in your career, you will be just fine.  Don't let the fear of not making enough money keep you from chasing your dreams.
I want to thank my daughter for helping me with this first series of interviews and perspective on Art. Please pay a kind visit to her shop and explore her custom shoe and jewerly creations. 
(Photo link: from Kaitlyn Marie Miller's Etsy Shop)


  1. This is lovely SCAD is such a great school to foster each and every creative idea.

  2. Thank you. Katie just loves it there so much and has grown so much in just such a short time. I love to hear all about her new experiences. I just fell in love with Savannah. It is my wish and goal to open my store front in Savannah. I love the City Market. Can't wait to go back. I'm originally from Hoboken NJ and oddly I feel like I'm back there but with some good old southern charm.