Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mural on a door

I hope everyone enjoyed their thanksgiving.  I greatly enjoyed my with my family and friends. I continue to enjoy having my daughter home for the holidays.  We both are working on our to do list of creative work that we have wanted to finish up.

I had over the spring sketched and blocked a mural on a door in our kitchen/dining area.  The door leads to the garage.  I wanted to give it some interest since it is a boring door to look at.  I will start painting the mural in the next few weeks to finish it up.  It will follow the theme of a vineyard mural I painted on the bi-fold doors that sticks out like a soar thumb in the dining area into the kitchen.  The doors hide the laundry area.  

Painting the doors gives some interest and camouflage the doors that break up the wall in a awkward way.   The murals give a sense  one being part of the outdoors especially during the cold months when our days are shorter and we lack good day light.

I will be creating a video of the process as well.   

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