Sunday, January 15, 2012


(pic. of sketched door on actual door that leads out to the garage)

Happy New Year everyone!  Here we are the 3rd week into the new year and I hope it is going well for everyone, it sure has for me.  I enjoyed my visit with my daughter, but now she is back on campus at SCAD so I'm staying busy with  some projects.  One of them is working on a  mural in my kitchen that will compliment another mural that exist in the same space.   The door I'm painting will continue with the theme to the first mural I have in the kitchen of a Tuscan scene which I painted unto the bi-fold doors that close and hide the washer and dryer. The other door leads to the garage and since it breaks the wall space in an uneven fashion I wanted to create the illusion of looking out to a vineyard. Trying to make the best of a bad builder decision.

I sketched out an outline on the actual door itself of a wooden door.  The top of the door opens to the view of a vineyard that continues the theme of the bi-fold doors.  I used chalk to first create the layout and perspective. It's easy to do this with chalk when you are using acrylic paints you can paint over the chalk lines and the lines will disappear.  It is also helpful when you want to make changes, you can easily wipe the chalk lines away and start over again.  I than  proceeded to create a wash of burnt sienna to block in the layout of the mural before I move forward with all the under-painting.

I have already started the under painting, blocking in the colors of the sky, mountain area and will start this week blocking in the rest of the outdoor scene.  Once I'm happy with it I will continue to define these area's and fine tune them before I start to create a faux finish of wood grain of the sketched door.

I sketched a hat unto the faux door, but I'm not quite sure if I should keep it. What do you think?  As I continue painting I will let the door speak to me and see if the hat stays.  I did decide however, to paint a fresh baked pie unto the ledge of the opening of the door and make it appear as though it was cooling off before being served.

Below is the Tuscan scene painted unto the bi-fold doors which hide the washer and dryer.  I made the best out of some unsightly doors that are in the middle of my dinning and kitchen area which is all one huge open space that I do happen to like very much.   I will post part 2 this week.

(Pic:mural painted on doors which hide washer & dryer great to look at on cold winter days)

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