Monday, February 6, 2012

Completed Painted Door Mural

I'm finally done with the door Mural.  I was doing really great with momentum until my chronic pain began to flare up. I had to allow inflammation to go down from my hands, arms and neck area before I could finish some final elements to it.  As you will see from the pictures, I worked on the landscape elements and with color added the visuals of a sunflower field.  After working in the wood grain texture to the door I painted in a wreath of sunflowers with one flower laying across bottom ledge. 

 I also added some visitors to my open door, a small brown bird on top of open door along with a fluttering butterfly. I also added some foliage hanging from the outside for more interest.  I'm allowing it to air dry another few days and will glaze the mural with clear matte glaze to protect it.  I have a very large window in the  dining area and both murals glow so beautifully.  

 All the paints I used for the mural were acrylic paints.  I used regular chalk in various colors to transfer the mural unto the door and for placing elements to the mural.  It melts away when you are painting and you can dust off any remaining chalk lines.  As with all large or small projects taking your time is key and good planning is a must if you want to have a successful project, but above all enjoying what you are doing is important.  When I get bored of what I painted, I can also prime the doors over and start a new project which I have been known to do.

As always my Eco choices were the use of an already existing door that was not in great shape but did not warrant to be replaced by a new door since it is still a good functioning door and the use of acrylic paints and non-toxic glaze for sealing the mural. When the weather gets warmer I plan on painting a Trompe l’oeil on my garage door.  In the meantime I have chairs that have been stripped of old paints and varnishes and now ready for some much awaited decorative painting. 

I have had quite a few projects yet to be completed and as always my health condition dictates how much I can get done so I patiently and gracefully work around it and enjoy every good day I have. Enjoy the pictures.



  1. The door and mural are just gorgeous. What a great spot to sit and enjoy with friends and family.

  2. thank you. Especially in the winter months when its cold and gray.