Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pantone Tangerine Color Inspired Eco Chair Progress

(Photo: Beginnings of paisley pattern)

(Photo: Painted legs to chair and finished look to bottom of chair)

I enjoyed a wonderful weekend visiting my daughter at SCAD and visiting Beaufort South Carolina. The film festival was underway and I was hoping to see some celebrities but we didn't run into any.  We enjoyed all the beautiful art and weather.

Time away gave the chair I'm working on to cure and yesterday (Monday) I worked on it all day and this morning. I have painted a background of scrolls unto the seat with gold paint and added my paisley butterfly and flower design.
I painted details to the upper part of the chair front and back sides and started with detail work to the spindles and will continue working on the adding some more details to the legs.  I also painted the backside of the chair for a finished look along with my logo as well.

The chair will be done before end of week and can start taking some really good pictures of the chair and it's details. The next few days the chair will air dry allowing for the paint to harden and settled on the surface before I start to hand rub the varnish and finish off with natural wax and  be ready for sale.

This is the fabric that inspired the decorative finish for the chair.  I will sew a throw with this fabric. 


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