Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Eco Chair Painted In Pantone Tangerine Inspired Color

(photo: recycled, primed and ready for decorative painting)
(Photo: First stages of color, washes, Faux finishing,color blocking)

Now that I have finished working on the mural, I have started the process of working on a chair.  I have many chairs and other pieces of furniture ready for new color and decorative themes and some that only really need to be re-finished and brought back to its old glory.

I have a beautiful piece of fabric that has all the Pantone color references for this year.  It is saturated with beautiful tones of oranges, greens, gold’s and some purple mixed in.  I'm taking my color cue from this fabric to paint the chair and decided to go with a paisley-butterfly motif for this particular chair.

So after all the cleaning and sanding, I primed the chair with a non-toxic gesso and while waiting for that to dry I picked all of my paint colors which are all non-toxic artist acrylic paints that complemented the colors of the fabric.

Now with the chair dry, I painted a Faux Finish on the seat of the chair as well as the top using an array of different orange colors and I also started painting in the spindles of the top of the chair.
I worked on it all day today and now allowing all the layers of paints and washes to dry overnight. 

I will start working on the legs of the chair in the next few days and then hand rub the chair with non-toxic varnish which will protect the painting I have done so far and start the curing of the first layer . This is very helpful in the event some drops of paint from other sections I start to paint get on a finished section, it is much easier to clean it up or sand off without damaging to much the first layer of finish I have completed.  I use a matt varnish for this.

I will be working on the finish details of my paisley and butterfly design I have so far and bring it to scale for the chair seat.   This chair will make a wonderful functional accent piece to any girl's room.  I have just enough fabric from which I'm taking my color references from and might sew up a pretty throw to go along with the chair. I have the finished image of the chair in my head and can't wait to see it completed.

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