Monday, June 11, 2012

Touring The HGTV Serenbe Eco House

( Photo:-Recycled old chair wrapped with chicken wire and moss outside the HGTV House)

It was a beautiful weekend to visit Serenbe Ga and tour the HGTV Eco home.  While we waited for the tour to start later in the day, Katie and I toured the open houses that were being built and enjoyed touring a home that was sponsored by Ballard it was beautifully decorated. 
(Photo: Bedroom Decorated By Ballard)
(Photo: Home Showcasing Ballard Designs)
  We enjoyed picking fresh blueberries while walking through the entire community.   Katie made an observation that Serenbe Lane felt like something out of a movie set, almost too perfect to be real. Such beautiful homes, streets, a local farmers market and horse stable that was being used for local artist and others in the community to sell their creations and other goods.  I was so impressed by the sustainability of the entire community.

Katie and I had the pleasure of meeting the founder Steve Nygren of the Eco Community in Serenbe, GA while having lunch at the fantastic Blue Daisy Restaurant.  He explained to us what motivated him to create this Eco community, here is a link of an interview he did as well for you to read.

Katie and I also learned that China and other countries as well as several states are visiting Serenbe GA to study why This Eco community has been so successful and thriving in hopes of implementing this philosophy in their own respective states and countries. He had the pleasure to host a visit with the Prince of Wales who supports Eco and sustainable issues and causes. 

 As Mr. Nygren continued to share with us at lunch it starts with our own back yards, if we start there than we start creating a better community for ourselves and generations to come.  It was such a treat to meet  him and share our table with others we met during lunch.  Than off we went to the HGTV tour it was beautiful and great to see how the house was decorated with art work from all local artist and craftsmen and to learn about how local reclaimed woods and other structures from other states were recycled to decorate the home.

( Photo: Collage of photos taken at the HGTV house tour-Serenbe, GA)

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