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(Image source: Maggie Miller Hand Painted)

I often get asked how do I choose the colors for my hand painted furniture and everything hand painted I create.  I get my inspiration from everything around me; it can be an arrangement of flowers, textiles and by the things that my clients own that are in there house which often time helps in the designing of a chair and pillows.  I as everyone in the textile, fashion,furniture, home decor industry also take my color ques from Pantone.

Pantone announces there new color trend palette every year and I use this trend to guide me in my process of selecting colors for my hand painted furniture, textiles and all my creations, but I also simply listen to what speaks to me. There is no right or wrong color, ultimately it is what speaks to you.

Here are nine color themes that Pantone has chosen to be 2013's colors of choice that everyone will be designing and creating around.  I love them all, there are so many things that can be done with all of them.  They all convey a different mood and feeling of sophistication, glamor,tribal, rugged and soothing neutrals.

Connoisseur: A clean approach to finer things in life, history and elegance.  The colors are a combination of monochromatic violets and orchids, liquid Pink Nectar, Deep Mahogany, White Alyssum, Beechnut … all reflected against Champagne Beige and Silver.

( Image Source: redoitdesign)

Glamour: This is reminiscent of the art deco area  with contemporary influences.  Colors include Rio Red, Monaco Blue, Tap Shoe, Chinchilla, Moon Mist, and Jasper.  Silver and Champagne Beige and a touch of shimmer.

(Image source: redoitdesign)

New Old School:  Reminders of the preppy collegiate look. Hues you would find in banners or flags. Colors include Ribbon Red, Bright White, Green.  The Gargoyle and Micro Chip grays connect with the old world and the new.

(Image Source: redoitdesign)
 Rugged Individuals: Colors ranges from out west to the Outback, Raw Sienna tones blended with Vintage Indigo and Stonewashed blue, a throw back to western living, casual, blue jeans.

(Image Source: redoitdesign)

Extracts: The colors remind me of all things warm and spice, cinnamon tones, soft corals. Colors here are Spiced Coral, Brandied Melon and Apple Cinnamon combined with soft touch of Dusty Pink, Baked Clay and tart Green Banana.

(Image Source: redoitdesign)

Footprints These are vibrant and earthy hues. You find the 2012 color of the year Tangerine Tango which I enjoyed  using one of my  recent hand painted chairs. The other colors that connect are Peacock Blue, Fiery Pink Flambé, Solar-Powered Yellow, and Oasis.

(Image Source: redoitdesign)

Sojourn: Organic and magical Color mixtures of Syrah wine, Black Plum, rosy Foxglove, and Baton Rouge against Pampas and the green Winter Moss.

(Image Source: redoitdesign)
 Surface Treatments: I think of the variations in the sky, ocean views as Maui Blue, Vapor Blue, and Tornado with Fallen Rock and Birch.

(Image Source: redoitdesign)
Out of the Ordinary: Accent pieces, fun, one of kind. These colors exude uniqueness. These colors capture your attention and include Bonnie Blue, Puréed Pumpkin, Chocolate Truffle, Amber Green, Linden Green, Golden Rod, Bright Violet, and Rosebud.

(Image Source: redoitdesign)
I have quite a few favorites, what are yours? Always stay posted here at my blog for previews of all the new pieces of hand painted furniture,textiles, boxes and more that will be featured here for your preview and visit my site at to see what is trending now with color for your purchase. 

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