Monday, October 22, 2012


(Photo Source: Maggie Miller Hand Painted, LLC)

With a little elbow grease on this piece and repairs to ensure that it is sturdy, safe and back to being functional, I have finished this dresser with some of the last minute details I wanted to add and several coats of varnish.  I regret not taking a before shot so that you could appreciate the bad shape it was in. But if you can visualize all sorts of stickers stuck to the mirror, inside and out all over the drawer's and markers than you get the jest.
(Photo Source: Maggie Miller Hand Painted, LLC)

(Photo Source: Maggie Miller Hand Painted llc)

I salvaged everything but the support backing.  It was in bad shape so a new back for support and new screws were added for reinforcement of the peace.  I truly enjoyed painting this one. This was going to be tossed out to the dumpster but I rescued it.   I used non toxic acrylic paints and varnish.  Painted lovely Poppies and butterflies and a poem on top of the dresser. 

A butterfly was painted in only one drawer as a featured surprise.
(Photo Source: Maggie Miller Hand Painted LLC)
(Photo Source: Maggie Miller Hand Painted)
The inside of the drawers are also protected with a coat of varnish. This vintage piece would be so beautiful in any young girls room.  This piece is currently for sale and you can go here to view price and completed details.
(Photo Source: Maggie Miller Hand Painted,LLC)

I look forward to painting a special piece(s) for you.  You can email or call at 1-866-321-0498.

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