Thursday, October 18, 2012


(Photo Source: MaggieMillerHandPainted,llc)

(Photo Source: Maggie MillerHand Painted, llc)

Have not had the opportunity to post lately.  It has been very busy in the studio the past few weeks. Have been working on a commission piece for a client, she requested a floor cloth to go in her kitchen.  She loves Yellow Pansie's so off to paint I went.

I start with a good quality heavy canvas #4 24 oz. cotton duck canvas which is heavy, durable and lies flat on the floor.  In the past I used to glue the hem to my floor cloth; this just didn't produce the neat finished look to the floor cloth that I wanted so I now machine stitch my floor cloths. 

After final consultation with client I proceeded to sketch design and painted in the background followed up with the design. 

(Photo Source: Maggie MillerHandPainted,llc- Base coating completed)

(Photo Source: Maggie MillerHandPainted,llc- Filling in the leaves)
I finished the floor cloth and will wait a few days before I proceed with varnishing and I will finish it off with some hard wax for extra protection.  This floor cloth will receive at least five varnishes. With proper care this floor cloth will be around for many years. 

(Photo Source: Maggie MillerHandPainted,llc- Finished Pansy FloorCloth)
I'm working on a chair for a charity event to take place in November for A Friends House  This is a wonderful organization who helps abused and neglected children who are displaced.  They provide a sense of security and home environment during a difficult time in the lives of these children.  I will be posting pics of the progression of the chair in the next post along with information about the charity event to be held in November.

Hope you enjoy the pictures of the floor cloth, please contact me if  you would like one for yourself or as a gift.  Christmas is right around the corner you know. I would love to work on another floor cloth just for you.  Call  1-866-321-0498 or email at

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