Tuesday, July 30, 2013



How are you doing today? I hope the week for you has gotten off to a great start.  Now that I have finished the commission and soap order and delivered,  I wanted to do something totally different and paint some Koi fish,  I love the beautiful colors they have.  

I gathered all of my photo references and sketched out a simple scene of some Koi in a pond.  I have  completed the under painting and will be adding several layers of glazing  to build up the different layers colors. 

I like to build up my color this way to give it a 3D effect making everything look like its getting ready to jump off the canvas, you can also see the different layers of colors which gives the  painting a sense of movement.

I am working with several brands of acrylic paints with this piece to see how the paints respond together and I'm using a 12x24 cotton canvas.

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