Friday, July 19, 2013


(Photo Credit: Maggie Miller Hand Painted,llc)

How has your week been? have you jotted down all the words that inspire and have resonated with you this week that describe how you feel about the gratitude you feel?

Words like love,faith, success, joy and dream are a few for me.

Love- the love of my family and laughter we have shared with each other this week despite a few setbacks we managed to keep smiling and laughing.

Faith-  The faith I have in GOD knowing for certain that he is in control of my life and he is steering me in the right direction.

Joy- The joy I have in my heart when I think about all GOD has provided and how he is healing me every day from my injury.

Dream-  I have dreamt beautiful dreams this week, I have been able to get some great nights of sleep.

Success- God has helped me to be successful this week in many areas of my life.

I have experienced many successes shared so much laughter and joy and said to myself how great thou art GOD. Here is some inspiring music you can listen to while you take out your journal or pad  and begin to list the words that define how grateful you are for this week.   Also don't forget to enter the giveaway only 14 more days left till I announce the winner.   Have a blessed weekend.

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