Thursday, November 21, 2013


( IMAGE RESOURCE: Maggie Miller,llc)

 As an Artist who uses Eco friendly, sustainable ways when creating my art and soap making processes,  and who deals with environmental allergies on a day to day basis, the issue about chemicals in our home environment is important to me.  Chemicals commonly used in our furnishings, such as flame retardants in foam, are linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, reduced IQ, infertility, and other health problems.  These things occur over time, other reactions could be immediate due to the high smell of chemicals used on a product such as varnishes. 

I personally do not buy new furniture unless its marked made sustainably.  I buy pieces that are unfinished or recycled from a used furniture outlet, yard sales, flea market that I can safely remove any old varnish that may still be on the pieces with an Eco friendly varnish remover.   I can't go into a any store without wearing a mask, the reaction I get from the smell of the varnishes, and stains, cause me to break out into a horrible rash and it is a terrible site.

A new video on this issue is scheduled to come out on HBO on November 25th.  Here is a link so you can view it and make your own decision on the impacts of what is used in our furniture and basically all products we used.  We all need to be educated at least be aware of the products used in the goods we purchase.

This is an important video to watch,  the practices in how the furniture is made have to change, the reactions and effects of the chemicals used in furniture is very real for your health and those of your family.

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