Tuesday, July 1, 2014

You Are Wonderfully Made

(Image Source: Artist Maggie Miller, maggiegmiller.com)http://www.maggiegmiller.com/#!eco-boutique-shop/ciaa

Have you thought about how you have been created?  do you have some kind of hang up over your nose, hair color or that you are too short or too tall?  I bet if we sat down and thought about it long enough we could create a list of things we would like to change about ourselves.

It used to bother and pain me about the problem I have with my dyslexia and dealing with my heart problem and back issues.  I seek out medical care for these and I have learned to accept them as part of who I am. Now this does not mean I don't have my moments of asking the why question, but I’m reassured through Psalms 139:14 that I’m wonderfully made and so I embrace my dyslexia and I continue to press forward not allowing my aches, pains or heart problem stop me from doing the things I want to do. 

When you find yourself going through your list of things that bug you and maybe there are things on your list that you can't change, I would recommend that you seek God's word on this and go back to Psalms 139:14 and be reminded that you have been beautifully created not just on the outside, but most importantly on the inside.  You have been created to encourage and to inspire others with your life experiences.

Know that despite whatever you may be dealing with that you are wonderfully made and God is using it all for your good.

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