Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Boxes, Boxes and more Boxes…

sanded, varnished and ready for first coat of paint 

Always painting and planning and while something is in the middle of drying I start sanding and priming something else.

I have been sanding and putting on a coat of clear coat of sealer on a few boxes and soon the boxes will be getting a decorative finish and painted design on them.  I plan on butterfly themes for these boxes that are based on the butterfly pictures taken in my yard this past summer.  I always like to embellish my boxes with buttons or swarovksi crystals not the cheap kind, there is a difference in the cut and manufacturing of these crystals that you can find in craft stores. The crystals I use are crafted in Austria to the highest standards of quality and are considered the finest products of their kind in the world. With captivating sparkle and uniform colors they add an extra touch to my boxes.  I sometimes use them in my decorative canvas paintings for home decor, it gives them an added sparkle.  I enjoy using 2D and 3D elements in my canvas work to engage the viewer with the story I'm telling with the painted piece.  It's all about texture, incorporating vintage pieces whenever possible if it works in telling the story or provoking an emotion.
these will make beautiful wall hangings when finished!
I also have my canvas tapestries ready and have started the process on these.  I have painted a faux background unto a few of them and placed the design on each and now I'm ready to start painting the design. These will be song birds.  I can't wait to see the finish product.

I'm also in sketching mode and planning for ideas on my fabric line for Spring 2011.  These will be hand painted and some printed unto 100% organic fabrics and silks.  I will be using some of the fabrics for pillows, upholstery for my painted chairs, curtains, some specific designs will be used for casual hobo hand bags that I plan to give a preview of after the holidays.  Very excited about it all.

Now at some point I will need to put the brush down and think about turkey and start planning for Thanksgiving. If I could just paint it into being without having to cook it myself that would be great :), but I really do enjoy making dinner for my family.

Best Wishes Everyone!

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