Thursday, December 2, 2010

Journey Of A Cotton Canvas

background color added and design transferred

I have finished painting one of ten tapestries.  After painting the 100% cotton duck canvas with a background color and transferring design, I started painting and finished my first songbird.  This is a series that I'm painting.  I plan on painting them unto boxes and canvas as well.  Here I'm using all eco-friendly materials as always, 100% cotton canvas, acrylic paints no need for varnishes.

After I allow the canvas to air dry and cure for a day or two I will heat set the canvas, iron press it take a product shot and download it to my ETSY Shop.  The canvas tapestries are already hemmed and ready to hang.
Oh the little details, patience, patience...

You can almost hear the birdie sing on such a cold night in GA

Finished tapestry 13x19

Baby Blue Tit
Now I have to give my back a rest and visit my physical therapist!! This type of  work affects my chronic pain, but I love to paint. Physical therapy and message and a lot of praying keep me going to continue to enjoy what I love. I usually work on several paintings in a day and throughout the week from canvas, fabric, tile etc.each one are in different stages.

Next post I will share some of my tile work.  Hope to hear from you,  I welcome your comments.
Best Wishes and happy painting

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