Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Painted Tapestries

13x19 Hand Painted Tapestry
Magnolia Warbler Song Bird
Hand painted boarder & satin trim gives a finished look

Its been snowing in GA, cold and icy outside.  No need to go out in that mess, so I have spent my time painting.  I finished the details to the tapestries. I placed some pretty thin satin ribbons on the inside borders and have given them a final heat press.  They are ready for a new owner and to be hung on any wall.

Again, non-toxic paints used, 100 per cent cotton canvas make for Eco-friendly materials, use of fabrics that are not harmful to the environment or your health. These are now posted on my ETSY shop.

My Eco Tip for today, we all know this but we tend to forget it.  I always take with me bags made out of fabric or a good recycling material to the store, so I don't have to take home the plastic bags.   Clothing that doesn't fit anymore or just isn't fit period to donate, I keep such has old T-shirts for cleaning rags or for my art studio.  The fabric from clothing I save to make crazy quilts with which make for nice warm blankets in the winter months or just to cuddle with.  All of my clothing I wear is organic for health reasons and to be eco-friendly, once I have worn the life out of them the salvages of these clothes that are used for the crazy quilts give them a soft feel to them.

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