Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Finding My Muse

It has been a crazy few months trying to fulfill orders, getting ready for my daughters graduation and all the emotions that came with that and my grandma getting ill again just a week ago today.  All is well, but found myself drained from everything that has gone on.  I felt like I lost my muse, so had to do some meditation, house cleaning of sorts and found my muse again.  I put off finishing the tile mural I did for my daughter because it reminded me of her leaving soon to college and realized it is part of the journey so I'm back to getting the last part of the grouting done allowing it to dry and ready for hanging.

I did some painting in the kitchen with some Eco Paints, and started on a new mural for the kitchen to compliment the one I painted a few years ago. A traditional Tuscan scene.

I have all of my new chair and pillow designs done and will start painting them all in the next few weeks.  I have some beautiful organic fabrics I'm working with for my new pillow collection. Not enough hours in the day as they say, but I always manage to get it done and orders out the door.  It gets rather hectic and overwhelming at times but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Especially when I see how happy my clients are after all the hard work I put into making their ideas and mine into a finished work of art.

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