Friday, June 24, 2011

Painting & Sewing Marathon

I had a painting marathon last night.  I finished 15 boxes.   The boxes were wonderful to paint and work with.  I used some new boxes that have been made from abaca fiber and box board.  I absolutely love the Eco friendliness of these boxes.  Artisans make the boxes in remote villages around the world; this helps to create jobs for them with fair wages.

Now that I have finished these boxes I have over 80 + pillows to paint and sew.  I have some beautiful hemp/cotton fabrics, 100% linens and wonderful heavy cotton to work with for my next collection.  Some of the pillows will be compliments to the new hand painted chairs and table designs I have in the works and they will also compliment the floor cloths.  

I have a lot of furniture that needs to be ready for the decorative hand painted process so my daughter is my intern over the summer to help me with the process of stripping, cleaning and priming. it is never to early to learn some good old work ethics which seems to be in short supply these days.  

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