Friday, November 25, 2011

Rainbow Village Gala

(Photo: From Rainbow Village picasa web album.)

(Photo: Back view)

(Photo: Front view of bookcase)
I had the pleasure and great delight to work with Rainbow Village on their Gala event to help raise money for this wonderful organization.   The children of Rainbow Village all work on an art project together with a theme in mind which represents the organization and what it means to each child every year.

An unfinished bookcase in shape of a dollhouse was donated and used for this years gala project.  The children and I talked about the possibilities and the theme what does home mean to me was chosen.  Each child had to draw a house, a representative picture of what home meant to them and write a small essay expressing this as well. 

Unfinished pieces of furniture and dollhouse furniture was purchased and donated towards the art project. The children were divided into groups and each painted the dollhouse, doll house furniture and the older kids decorated the inside of the dollhouse with the drawings and essays and bright colorful scrapbook paper.
(Photo: unfinished doll house book case)
The kids and little babies hand prints were stamped on the roof top with their individual names hand painted on each palm which represented the roof shingles that shelter and protect a loving home.

The back of the house was painted in a whimsical style.  On October 22, 2011 this art project raised an overwhelming $8,900 dollars.

At a time when our economy has been at a historically all time low, how inspiring it is to see people gathering together for such a wonderful organization as Rainbow Village and raise the money that was raised that evening.  We are all affected by this economy there are real families hurting who are finding themselves displaced and organizations such as Rainbow Village fill the void to help get them back on their feet.  Anyone of us could easily be in the same position as nothing is guaranteed in this life. 

I'm honored that I was asked to play a small role in getting this project started for the kids and the families of Rainbow Village.  Continued success and growth to Rainbow Village.  Please click on the link to find out more about this wonderful organization and how you can help.

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