Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tuscan Pillow Panel Series Continued

(Photo: Me at work with first panel)

(Photo: Finished fabric Panel)
Steady working on pillow panels for my N.J. client.  I finished the sunflower panel which has been drying and curing for the past three days and have started on the second panel for this series.

A lavender field fabric panel, which I will be finished with by the end of  today.  I'm very happy with how the sunflower fields turned out and just as happy with the lavender field. I can't wait to start sewing up the pillows.  I make my own pillow forms out of muslin and fill them with organic- hypoallergenic stuffing.

(Photo: Start of Lavender Field pillow panel)

If you love fabrics and art here is a wonderful site TAFA -TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List is a membership organization of fiber artists and textile businesses on the web.  TAFA showcases member portfolios through its website, provides access to larger markets, offers business resources and fosters community. (above info. taken from their site for your information.) I love this site and I'm excited to be joining it soon.

I'm expanding on my art on fabric and working on a series of paintings on fabric and exploring and trying new techniques to enhance my work.  As always please visit my site for my Eco Creations at and visit my Red Bubble profile for note cards and prints of my paintings. You can click on the link on my  blog.

Have a creative Thursday!

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