Monday, July 9, 2012

Tuscan Theme Pillows

(Photo: Beginning Process of Painting Pillow Panel)

It has been an interesting few weeks battling the three digit weather and loosing AC is not a great combo. Yikes.  So working on furniture was put on  hold for a few days.  Now that all is well, I have continued to work on the poppy flower theme dresser and while it is drying for the next step of finishing details, I have been working on a client commission for some pillows.

The client loves all things Italy, Tuscan. She has ordered and commissioned two pillows, so I thought of a field of sunflowers for the first pillow and the second will be a field of lavender.  I'm using a durable organic cotton that is sized to a 14X22 giving me plenty of room for both themes.

I always wash my fabrics in cold water to remove any sizing if any, dust etc. that I don't want on my fabric.  I give it a quick iron after it is dry and proceed to sketch my pattern unto the pillow.  I always work out my pattern on paper and make any changes there before putting it on the fabric.
(Photo: after washing and drying I place the panel on a board to start the painting process)
I will be done with this panel this week and allow it to cure for a few days before washing,drying and giving it another heat seat. 
(Photo: beginnings of a sunflower Tuscan field)

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 Have a great Monday everyone

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