Thursday, September 6, 2012


(Image Source: Maggie Miller Hand Painted, llc)

I love boxes for the storage convenience they provide and the endless possibilities of painting them. I mentioned in a previous post that I work with an organization (the memory boxes that delivers boxes to different hospitals through out the USA to the maternity wards for families who sadly have lost their new borns and all they take home are the precious items that are left to keep in memory of them.  It is gratfiying for me to paint these boxes knowing that they will be cherished for years to come and help contribute towards the healing process.

I also enjoy painting boxes for those very special and happy occasions as well such as mothers day, birthdays, valentines and my  favorite weddings.  I use wooden boxes and Eco friendly boxes, made from hemp and paper mache.

( Image Source-Maggie Miller Hand Painted -Paper Mache box)
 Bridal boxes can be custom painted with the brides theme and can be used to store cards  and gift cards which the bride and groom have received. Brides maids can receive these boxes as gifts from the bride  with lovely custom hand made soaps and to decorate their tables with, the possibilities are endless.  
(Image Source- Maggie Miller Hand Painted boxes fit artisan soaps beautifully)
They make wonderful graduation gifts as well. The graduate can store those special graduation cards, special pictures from their prom and graduation day. Jewelry and all those special mementos you just cant part with can find a special place in hand painted boxes.

I would love to paint a special box for you for what ever occasion  you are in need of.  Call, email, twitter or Facebook me I would love to hear from you. 

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