Monday, September 17, 2012

JO SONJA BackGround Colors

(Image Source- Maggie Miller- Hand Painted, llc)

As an Eco artist I stick to paints that are non toxic.  I don't venture out to try anything that does not clearly state it's eco friendliness and non-toxic attributes.  I use a variety of paints that I love such as Real milk paints, the earth pigments, devine color, mythic paints and several more that I'm working with to see how durable they are.  I also use many durable high quality craft paints such as Jo Sonja.  I love using their collection of  backgrounds paints such as the vintage collection. This collection has 12 colors geared towards the  home décor market. They have soft  muted hues that I like to work with. 

(Image Source -

I'm currently working on several small projects using these colors. I love the consistency of the paints how they stay on the brush and how they look when dry.  If you haven't tried these yet you can find them in sample packs at hoftcrafts online. The ending of the month is nearing and I will be having a sale of all my items on my online store at  Pillows, boxes, tiles and note cards. Please visit my online store to view products currently available. 

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