Monday, July 15, 2013


(Image Resource: MaggieMiller-HandPainted)
(Image Resource: Maggie Miller-HandPainted,LLC)

As a Decorative Artist who paints and works sustainably I always look for how to re-purpose many surfaces for painting on them, fabrics, furniture, recycled tiles, boxes, shoes and anything else that can be used for painting.

I also use panel boards, gesso boards, ampersand hardboard,canvases and watercolor paper. Dickblick carries a wide variety of these materials and indicated that they are Eco-friendly with a little green leaf on the lower right hand of the panel. 
(Image Source:
Working with acrylics and watercolor contribute to the eco factor to the finished  product Im working on.   I'm currently working on a commission for a client that will be finished this week and I'm using a cotton canvas for this particular painting and I'm painting with acyrlics.
(Image Source: Maggie Miller HandPainted llc rough draft sketch of ideas for client )

Here are some links to suppliers of canvases and other artist materials:

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