Friday, October 11, 2013


Have you ever found a piece of art work that provoked such deep emotions and joy you just had to purchase it on the spot, hang it on your wall as soon as you got home, and share it with everyone?   And have you ever thought about how GOD sees you? Not just as his child, but as his greatest masterpiece?   

As an artist who sees things more visually, this is how I began to understand how GOD sees me.  I am his Masterpiece in his glorious gallery in heaven.  You will see how I came to this visual as I share with you a very painful season in my life.  I will share how I came through it and came to realize that GOD had not abandoned me, but was equipping me with the paintbrushes and blank canvases I needed to become his masterpiece. 

In 1992 my husband at the time and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl.  Our family and we were so excited and happy to welcome our first baby.  This was an extra joyous time since doctors had said I would never be able to have children, and so we knew it was all of GOD’s Grace for giving us this little bundle of joy.    In 1998-1999 we had tried to conceive again, but this time I was dealing with several health issues.  I had signs of cancer cells, scarred fallopian tubes, and severe endometriosis that had spread throughout my vital organs.  I had an emergency hysterectomy that saved my life.  After I was out of the woods, I then began dealing with pre-menopausal systems because of a lack of female hormones due to the hysterectomy. I was in my mid 30’s trying to cope with what was happening. 

I was referred to an endocrinologist who then recommended that I be prescribed a hormonal patch to deal with the loss of estrogen.  It was also recommended that I get some testosterone back into my body in the form of pellets, a new treatment at the time.  I was told that this new treatment would last longer in my system without me having to take prescription drugs on a monthly basis, and that it was important for my heart and brain.   The day I went into that doctor’s office for this outpatient procedure was the beginning of a very long and dark journey of physical, emotional, and spiritual pain.  It was through this unexpected journey that I later saw how GOD and those he placed in my life saved me.   

Which I will share with you in my next post for Gratitude Fridays part II.

(Original art work by Maggie Miller,llc. Title: Volcano, acrylic on water color paper 6x18
 This recent painting I created reflects how I was feeling physically, mentally and spiritually. It shows the path of uncertainty and the difficult journey I was about to have.

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